MXS Commerce: EDI Gateway’s Bold Leap into Global B2B Solutions

The world of B2B solutions is ever-evolving, with businesses constantly seeking to optimize, streamline, and remain ahead of the curve. Leading the charge for over three decades in this dynamic space has been EDI Gateway, a stalwart in supply chain operations. Their latest announcement promises to elevate their already formidable presence in the market, ushering in a new era of comprehensive B2B solutions.

A New Chapter: MXS Commerce

On September 4, 2023, EDI Gateway announced its newest endeavor – a US-based division named MXS Commerce. But why is this significant?

MXS Commerce isn’t just another addition to EDI Gateway’s expansive repertoire. It represents the brand’s dedication to broadening its global reach, while continuing its tradition of offering retail and hub-centric B2B web portal solutions. What sets MXS Commerce apart is its mission to be tailored to the unique requirements of businesses worldwide.

Legacy Meets Modernity

EDI Gateway’s roots can be traced back to Canada, where it has catered to a multitude of industries, from retail to pharmaceuticals, and food and grocery to manufacturing, for over 30 years. Their adaptive nature, marked by embracing technological advancements and industry best practices, has empowered companies across North America and beyond.

MXS Commerce promises to harness this rich legacy while focusing on addressing contemporary supply chain challenges. By offering complete and customizable B2B solutions, it aims to ensure smooth business operations for a vast array of clients.

A Team with a Vision

Behind the ambitious vision of MXS Commerce stands a team combining the wisdom of industry veterans with the innovative spirit of young talent. As Sam Zameck, President & CEO of MXS Commerce, pointed out, “Our team is excited about what MXS Commerce can do to help your organization grow and maintain its edge in the years to come.”

Global yet Personal

One of the most compelling aspects of MXS Commerce is its dual outlook. While it has set its eyes on global horizons, its commitment to understanding and catering to individual companies’ unique needs remains unwavering. It aims to serve as a bridge, ensuring seamless business operations for companies around the world.

MXS Commerce seems poised to redefine B2B solutions on a global scale. With a tried and tested foundation in EDI Gateway and a forward-looking approach tailored for modern businesses, it’s an exciting time for global enterprises seeking robust solutions for their operational challenges.

To discover more about what MXS Commerce has in store for the global business community, visit the official website at

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