EDI Gateway Announces New US-based Division, MXS Commerce, To Expand Retail & Hub-Centric B2B Solutions Globally

September 4, 2023 – EDI Gateway, a leader in optimizing and streamlining supply chain operations for over three decades, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new US-based division, MXS Commerce. This expansion aims to offer comprehensive, retail and hub-centric B2B web portal solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses worldwide.

Based in Canada, EDI Gateway has served various industries ranging from retail to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals to food and grocery, adapting to technological advancements and best practices. This has enabled companies across North America and beyond to remain competitive through world-class logistics solutions.

MXS Commerce will focus on delivering complete, customizable solutions specifically designed to mitigate supply chain challenges, thereby ensuring smooth business operations. Leveraging the diverse expertise of its team—comprised of seasoned veterans and bright new talent—MXS Commerce commits to solutions as unique as the businesses it serves.

“Our team is excited about what MXS Commerce can do to help your organization grow and maintain its edge in the years to come,” said Sam Zameck, President & CEO of MXS Commerce.

With a global outlook, yet retaining a keen focus on individual company needs, MXS Commerce aims to be the bridge to seamless business operations for companies around the world.

To learn more about MXS Commerce and how it can benefit your organization, connect with us today. 

About EDI Gateway

Established in 1993, EDI Gateway has been at the forefront of helping businesses streamline and optimize operations in their supply chain practice. Serving a diverse range of industries from retail to manufacturing, pharmaceutical to food & grocery, EDI Gateway has consistently adapted to technological advancements, ensuring that its clients remain ahead of the curve.

Specializing in EDI and B2B applications, EDI Gateway offers an array of solutions and services, standardized and customized, developed to accommodate and complement its customers’ needs, in a cost-effective fashion.  EDI Gateway is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, servicing over 2500 customers and their trading partners meeting all EDI and supply chain requirements.  To learn more about EDI Gateway Inc., please visit

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EDI Gateway Announces New US-based Division, MXS Commerce, To Expand Retail & Hub-Centric B2B Solutions Globally…